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April 4, 2009

Sgt. Corren / Beverly Hills Police held evidence for two years?

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Georges Marciano along with witnesses have gone to Beverly Hills Police Department over four different occasions and asked why Beverly Hills PD was not investigating the crimes that Georges has filed complaints with them.  Each time he was told by Sgt. Corren that there was not enough evidence, that when given evidence directly he would say they were not going to investigate.  Sgt. Corren stated each time and under a direct question, I would ask is there a case number?  Sgt. Corren would say, ” No there is no case number”, I would then ask is there at least an incident report?  Sgt. Corren would say, “No there is no incident report”

Now why would he say that in front of four witnesses and yet….he is the one who signed in the evidence almost two years ago and any law enforcement in California know about “CLETS” (CaliforniaLaw Enforcement Telecommunication System) this is a system that even Sgt. Corren could have just checked in case he didn’t know that he himself had signed in evidence on a case regarding Georges Marciano and would have found it ….Georges found it himself and this is not held in some far off police department on the edge of the Mojave …this is his own Police Department where he could have walked over 50 feet to the records department and pulled it as we just asked at the counter..when I say 50 feet …it is literally across the hall where the watch commander for the shift works…

Below is the evidence..pure and simple…his refusal to investigate and the department backing him..evidence-record-no-59152-joe-fahs-beverly-hills-pd-001


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