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April 4, 2009

Beverly Hills Police Department Crime

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We went to Beverly Hills Police Department again on Tuesday the 17th of March 2009.  We spoke with Sgt. Corren and his partner which we never got a business card or a name.  We were told once again that they have contacted the DA (District Attorney’s) office and they would not investigate this crime.  We have been told to make the case more simple so we brought them one case of “Grand Theft”  we gave them a copy of the withdrawal slip for $175,000 and the signature was of Miriam Choi….the owner of the account is Georges Marciano and he told police he did not authorize the withdrawal.  The Sgt. said it is not enough evidence and he and the department would not investigate it.  I asked what is the case number to this and he said, “There is no case number”, I asked what about the incident report? The Sgt. said, “There is no incident report”. 
I have been involvled with law enforcement for over 30 years and I know the rules and procedures.  If you talk to a citizen regarding a crime, stop someone for spitting on the sidewalk there at the very least has to be an incident report written.  We were also there with an attorney, Eric George. We were asked by the Sgt. if we could excuse ourselves while the Sgt. spoke with the attorney alone.  We went out into the lobby, however this is obviously strange due to the victim who is trying to get a complaint filed is asked to leave while his attorney is left behind to talk to the Sgt.? 
While we were in the lobby waiting, two people came in and asked to see the detective assigned to their case.  Their detective came out and started discussing their case in front of us.  The case was about a stolen plant….yes I said a stolen plant.  They not only had an incident report, they had a case number and a detective assigned to the case and he was discussing in great detail for about 20 minutes. 
Our case is approximately $400 Million in stolen cash, proceeds, art,  tax fraud, embezzlement, identity theft and so on.  Now you would think that we would have at the very least someone to even listen about the case ….however, the Beverly Hills, California Police department would rather spend time on solving the stolen plant case.
David Snowden is the Beverly Hills police chief
Barry Brucker  is the Mayor of Beverly Hills
Why is this crime going on without the police who are paid to enforce the law and investigate crime …not doing either?
After all of this we found that there was a case number filed in 2007beverly-hills-case-joe-fahs-001 and if you look at the Evidence and Property Record you can see who the detective was that signed in the evidence
you guessed it…..  Sgt. Corren himself….now why would he say to Georges Marciano in front of witnesses that we absolutely did not have a case number nor an incident report?  This question will be answered shortly….as we are supposed to meet with Sgt. Corren next Tuesday.


  1. My ex- employer had a secretary/book-keeper steal several hundreds of thousands of dollars from his company. I am not sure if the company is registered in beverly hills or los angeles. All I know is that a warrant was issued for the girl, they did get her and put her in jail and ordered her to pay back all the money. I don’t know exactly the steps they had to go through to obtain this result. I would be happy to ask him if it could be of any help to you.

    Comment by P. — March 23, 2009 @ 7:09 pm | Reply

    • Thanks for your comment,
      Absolutely, we have ran across many hurtles ….mainly the Beverly Hills Police Department…. And apparently others have as well. I have been contacted by several that have also been given the same speach like it was a script they read from. The issue is we only want justice..we are only asking for them to do their jobs and investigate nothing more, nothing less. Please feel free to email me with any information you can get.

      P.S. Is the case you know about in Beverly Hills or another area?

      Comment by o8justiceforall — March 23, 2009 @ 8:05 pm | Reply

  2. Ok. I will contact my ex-employer this week and pass on the informations to you. He lives in beverly hills but his office is just on the limit of beverly hills/los angeles. So hopefully, he is registered in beverly hills as well. Where should I email you the info?
    Hope it will be helpful.

    Comment by P. — March 25, 2009 @ 7:15 am | Reply

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