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March 28, 2009

Not One White Collar Crime Suspect Has Been Arrested in Los Angeles ?

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As of today March 26, 2009

 I have not heard of any arrests made in Los Angeles of “White Collar Crime”  there are dozens being arrested in New York such as Madoff, Dreier, Paul Greenwood, Steven Walsh and the list is growing.  How is it possible that with the amount of businesses, As of the 2000 census, the Los Angeles region’s urbanized area had the highest population density in the nation.  The cumulative business output of a small country….and when you do even a google search for white collar crimes in Los Angeles…..all you get is attorney advertisements not one person arrested….?

Do the same search yourself on anywhere else in the country such as New York and you get 366,000 items …..Why is that? 

I have searched and searched and yet none are listed to be arrested in Los Angeles for this?  Attorney Dreier that was arrested in New York had a branch of his law firm in Los Angeles and yet no mention of it in the local, state, or federal news? 

Please contact me to if you know of any reason this part of California is immune to this type of crime or possibly why it is not being enforced?













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