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January 18, 2009

Bail Out is there a light at the end of the tunnel?

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Wall Street said that without the influx of the first half of money into the AIG and banks that the financial systems would have been done for…. However, that is something we won’t know, we can speculate but has the stock market improved since?  The big three said if they don’t get the bail-out money the country will be in ruins from the sudden rise in unemployment from its workers being out of jobs…Since they have been laying off workers for years is that really sudden?  Yes, if you add a number like 300 thousand workers to the lines of this nations unemployed that would be devastating not just because it is a big number but for many states it also means a major portion of its businesses would also close.  In a very few days Obama takes over… the majority in Congress is Democrats….ok no excuses….

Yes, they will all have to finally work to get this economy back on track.  Will it be easy …No… Do I have the answers….No…  So should we keep bailing out these big companies?  Or should we just put workers back to work like building roads, freeways ….?  Why should we the tax payer invest our tax dollars into businesses who have the same management that put them in the positions they are in now? 

Please comment, as I would really like to know what the American citizens are thinking?


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