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January 18, 2009

Attorney Dreier arrested in Canada (Author) Georges Marciano Co-Founder Guess

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Marc Dreier arrested in Canada for using a false business card
I do not believe the irony or that this is true, this is the law firm who represented me against these two people Fahs, Iskowitz my cpa of 27 years. I filed this in court by my lawyer Dreier …I have been victim of ID theft, including copies of my driver license, my passport, social security card, credit cards and millions of dollars missing incuding art, wine….and I found out Monday 5th of Dec. the partner of the law firm is in jail for false impersonation and for embezzling money from his client. This lawyer is representing me for the same crime that he is charged with. I am a victim in my belief of the same thing that can be viewed in public court documents and or contact me about my story. Part of the story is with Bank of America refused to turn over cancelled check, statements for three years. Under several subpoenas from the court still refuse to give me all of my documents and I am going to the court again in February to ask for my own copies from the bank. Public court documents available at:
or you can contact me directly at:
I only want the same consideration for justice as any other citizen,

Georges Marciano Co-Founder Guess


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  1. I can’t understand how Bank of America stays in business….they are one of the top two banks for Identity theft….they constantly break the law and they are not being held to the laws we have to go by. The citizens of this country need to call in to our congressmen, judges, whomever to get this to stop before our economy gets even worse.

    Comment by SMarick — December 18, 2008 @ 6:49 pm | Reply

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