Georges Marciano for Governor of California 2010

January 6, 2009

We the people, for the people, by the people…….Not really? Author= Georges Marciano Co-Founder Guess

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I did everything I could and still do, spending millions of dollars, I have no insurance, spent three years of my life just to have to try justice been done for people who commit these crimes.  Alot of people knowingly or unknowingly, did participate in breaking the laws.  Putting security at risk and defrauding the Treasury Department.


I was not aware of all these breaches of law could be ignored by the justice department and now I understand how guilty people can get away with murder.  Technicality


I have been begging an audit from the IRS since February 2006.  No Response


Forge FedEx documents by Chapnick and Fahs to government agency to report fraud -IRS -Breach of Terrorist act law.  Is that ok?  NO


Miriam Escalante forge notary documents, is that ok? NO


Miriam Choi forge minutes corp., is that ok?  NO


Terrorist act violation by the banks and all defendents, is that ok?  NO


No signatures cards from the banks and brokerages firm on 220 accounts, is that ok?  NO


I have discovered in one bank, Bank of America, 40 bank accounts I never knew about most of them and do not know who opened them, is that ok?  NO


I discovered over 220 bank accounts without any verifications by the banks, is that ok?  NO

 Georges Marciano Co-Founder Guess


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